It is fed the way to shop by the station


The way to shop appears from Shin-Tokorozawa Station


Our store is a 5-minute walk from Shin-Tokorozawa Station!
I guide the distance to our store on a photograph and a map clearly after leaving the station!


■It is easy to understand that our store comes over by this route.


①You go out of the west exit of Shin-Tokorozawa Station and go the left way immediately


②Anyway, You walk straight the way. Please make the shop of the photograph a mark.


③You turn straight to the right at the first T-shaped road on foot


④After having turned to the right, You only advance straight


⑤You walk straight across the crossroads with the signal


⑥You see a building of the chestnut brown when you walk for a while


A building of this chestnut brown becomes our store!
It is the Shintokorozawa building third floor


You arrive immediately from Shin-Tokorozawa Station in around four minutes on foot.

When you came near, please come to play!

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