How to enjoy cabaret [Part.1]~Night Club~


Enjoy – the first one of the cabaret –

~Night Club~

Cabaret to produce a fun time of the night.

Moments to enjoy the talk while drinking a nice woman cast and sake.

However, you might also think to that and anxiety do not know in the unknown world is for those who go for the first time cabaret.

◆ I wonder What kind of atmosphere I cabaret?
◆ I wonder receive the kind of service?
◆ fee wonder how much?

Even those who accompany the experienced person, even those who for the first time coming to the store alone, will tell the example of our “Club Jupiter” to enjoy and mechanisms of cabaret.


Cabaret Works


In a typical cabaret, most to spend a good time together and nominate your favorite cast.
However, I do not know whether there are any such cast for the first time visit us in person, of course shops.
In this case, according to the customers to attend a cast replacement. Frequency of change will be 10 minutes to about 15 minutes.

Please try by all means to find your favorite cast.

Once a favorite of the cast is found, please by all means give to the “nomination”. It will be very pleased to cast.

When it finds good compatibility cast, let’s the “nomination” from the beginning at the time of your visit next time.


◆ The “nomination” of cabaret
fun to spend together, is to spend your favorite cast one person and time.



How to spend the time


Please enjoy the talk and drink When the cast attended.
In that case, please give to feast your sake also to all means cast.

Together to talk to while drinking the same drink will be more even more fun.
Please show you all means to cast a preference sense for your sake!

If you are coming to the store in the absence of nomination, cast in one hour it will be attended by two or three people change.
Please tell the staff if there is a type of taste. The perfect cast you to attend.




Club Jupiter has become a shop where you can enjoy with confidence in who started the cabaret.
Since it is available in such a feel of entering the tavern, please come by all means once!

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