【Night Club】Hostess bar charged per hour

【hostess bar charged per hour】
Welcome to Japan!
Do you enjoy traveling in Japan?
We will help you make your trip even more enjoyable!
Why don’t you enjoy drinking and cooking with an attractive Japanese woman?
Our hostess will give you a good time

Tokorozawa’s hostess bar「Club Jupiter」
Please enjoy a fun time with our cast for memories of your travel destination.

A variety of women, such as cute and beautiful women, will be happy and polite.

CAST and more…

An easy-to-understand accounting system is available

【For foreign tourists only】
We discount from payment per person

Use discounts

business hours
◆business hours 20:00~LAST(Closed on Monday)


Customer feedback

This shop has been used several times, but the price is not so high, the soft drinks are free, and the service is very good. I will be using this again.

I received a very polite explanation and response. Both girls and children enjoyed drinking with good customer service. It made me want to go again.


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